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Parent Center

Welcome to the Parent Center. Read up on how to keep your child safe, what is better about Powerpets compared to other sites and configure your child's Parental Control settings.

Powerpets Safety

Powerpets has many levels of safety. First and foremost, any submissions to Chat Forums, Power Mail and other areas where text can be entered is filtered through our Bad Content program, which will remove most inappropriate content.

After that, in public areas, posts are monitored by many of our players who have gained Elite status on the site. If they notice anything violating the rules, they have the ability to tag it. Once a message is tagged, the message becomes invisible to younger players until it is reviewed.

The third line of defense are Moderators, who monitor public areas and have instant access to messages that were tagged. They review the submissions and decide if the content has to be removed or not.
On the fourth line of defense are staff members. Appointed members who perform various tasks on the site, including monitoring of public areas and reviewing player actions.

While many other sites may claim to properly monitor user submissions, very few actually put the resources into pursuing these claims.
Even though Powerpets puts a lot of effort in keeping the site clean, you must understand that in certain areas, we can only review submissions after they are submitted.

What do Parental Controls entail?

Giving your child access to areas where they can enter information, means that you take on the responsibility of monitoring your child. If you decide to enable Parental Controls on your child's account, you will have the ability to enable only public areas, or public and private areas. Depending on how much time you have available, it might be wise to only grant access to public areas as they have much more monitoring than private areas such as PMail, where staff have to rely on reports from one of the parties involved before they can take action.

Continue reading through the areas so you will know how to educate your child about online safety and what you have to watch out for, it's easier than you think!

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