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Labrador City
City: Labrador City
Population: 109
Mayor: _-CSI-_
Taxes: $50 PB
Kuvasz City
City: Kuvasz City
Population: 98
Mayor: michelle2244
Taxes: $300 PB
Pony City
City: Pony City
Population: 268
Mayor: -Twixy-
Taxes: $100 PB
Collie City
City: Collie City
Population: 63
Mayor: RainbowGlass
Taxes: $500 PB
Sheepdog City
City: Sheepdog City
Population: 41
Mayor: truebloodvamp
Taxes: $50 PB
Dolphin City
City: Dolphin City
Population: 131
Mayor: Bunchy
Taxes: $50 PB
Wolfox City
City: Wolfox City
Population: 279
Mayor: jandjmom
Taxes: $50 PB
Eagle City
City: Eagle City
Population: 138
Mayor: fifercats
Taxes: $100 PB
Gecko City
City: Gecko City
Population: 64
Mayor: StellaEversole
Taxes: $650 PB
Polar City
City: Polar City
Population: 13
Mayor: delight
Taxes: $100 PB
Somali City
City: Somali City
Population: 64
Mayor: RoseC
Taxes: $200 PB
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